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Scholarships in Oxford University

Oxford University, a distinctive academic structure that hosts self dependent and financially stable colleges which benefits students and academics.  

Made up of several museums, libraries and administrative departments, Oxford is split into four academic divisions; Medical Sciences, Social Sciences, Mathematical and Physical / life sciences with each department organizing research and teachings in different areas of subject. The department for Continuity Education provides part time and flexible courses for adult learners, offering about 1,000 courses per year including summer schools, weekend schools, online courses, day courses, weekly classes, post graduate and undergraduate qualifications.

Been one of the most renowned research university in the World, Oxford was established in the year 1096. It is the oldest institution in the English-speaking region in the globe famous for its rich history and quality of education and services offered to its students. Oxford over about 350 graduate programs which allows international students apply and study more than one course at a time.

With the current Scholarships that allows International students study for free at the United Kingdom, applicants are required to properly check for that which applies tgo their course of study. Scholarships varying from Internal and external are offered to both local and International students depending on their department, program and nationality as well. Its every students dream to complete their education in Oxford, therefore applicants do not miss out on opportunities such as these.

Scholarship In Oxford

Some of these Scholarships are offered to students from low-income nations who cannot afford to fund their own degree programs due to financial reasons. Oxford is known for its standardized and quality education with an acceptance rate of 17.5 percent which makes it highly competitive for students to apply; therefore, applicants must work double hard while choosing a Scholarship programme. Here is a list of Oxford Scholarships with free tuition;

Reach Oxford Scholarship

These scholarships offer accommodation, free tuition and a one return airfare. Students who wish to be participants of this Scholarship must have applied for admission to the University and given a place.  It runs for duration of three to four years.

Number of Awards; Two or three per year


All nationalities

Offering only Undergraduate degrees, the list below contains the courses of study.

  • Archeology and Anthropology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Classical Archaeology and ancient history
  • Computer science
  • Computer science and philosophy
  • Earth Sciences
  • Economics and Management
  • English language and Literature
  • European and Middle languages
  • Law
  • Fine Art
  • Humanities
  • Geography
  • History
  • History and Economics
  • History and politics
  • Human Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Oriental Sciences
  • Material Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Philosophy and Modern languages
  • Psychology and Linguistics
  • Religion and Oriental Studies
  • Theology and Religion
  • Modern languages
  • Classics

Clarendon University

Clarendon University offers over 160 fully funded scholarships every year to graduate scholars with remarkable qualifications, opening opportunities to join active communities in Oxford. This Scholarship covers course fees, living expenses and grants. There are no restrictions on nationality as full time, part time and Masters Courses are available which categories this Scholarship on a highly competitive level.


All nationalities


The University funds degrees in Full time and part time as well as Masters programs like MSt, MSc, MBA, DPhil and a list of others. To qualify for the Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria;

  •  Excellent academic record
  • Information of overall positions and publications, if possible
  • A first class s degree or its equivalent at Masters level for a PhD program
  • Student Motivation
  • Recommendation letter
  • A CV
  • Future potential and aptitude

Documents needed for Application

  • A study plan
  • Recommendation letters
  • Personal statement
  • A CV
  • Research purpose
  • Scholarship Essay
  • Financial Statement
  • Qualification test Certificate
  • English Proficiency Certificates
  • Portfolio set

How to get accepted at Oxford University

To qualify for an admission in Oxford University, students must be experts in the course that they choose to study .Applicants are required to apply for an undergraduate course through UCAS

As an undergraduate, applicants are guaranteed college accommodation in their first year. The process begins quite a while before admission is granted.

First, students are advised to acquire skills by determining their interests and settling on getting a degree in one. With this skill, students are able to cope with the tasking academic schedules which can be demanding. Secondly, applicants are encouraged to read about their preferred course of study so as to get familiarized with the subject or even take extra classes.

Also, focus in getting good grades in high school as this will not only be attractive while applying but will also aid in proper placement in extracurricular activities as it important to school work. A diversity of talents goes a long way.

Now, the application process begins. Research what the University has to offer by asking a student counselor or career advisor to assist in the process. Examine the list of courses online and decide on which to apply. The University has a full list of degree programs that appeals to the interest of applicants from anywhere around the World.

Read through the requirements and criteria, making sure you all that’s needed for application. To do this, visit the website to get information about Courses and their mode of application for each. Also, there are documents that are needed for application.

Pick out the college to apply into. Oxford has about 30 colleges, each functioning as an academic community. Each department with its own library, accommodation, dining hall and other facilities that aid learning. Fill out the UCAS application on the website opening around June. In addition to the application online, students are required to send an academic writing with a 2,000 word count of the course they are applying for. A personal statement also justifies why you are interested in the course and how committed you are to the field. In the statement, examples of how engaged you are with the subject chosen will be needed as well as a plan for your future career and how a degree in your desired subject will be useful to you.

Also, references are required, according to the desired course of study. These references should come from acquaintances from work, professors, advisors who can attest to your aptitude and attitude for study. Their opinion on you goes a long way in securing your admission. Shortlisted candidates are shortlisted for an interview so a great exam score plus exceptional documents are necessary. Oxford admits students who seem to be focused and goal-oriented about their plans with regards to the course. The more you can show passion, the more chances you are of getting selected.

Note that the University coordinates the undergraduate admissions process but selection and admission is handled by the colleges. Also, the University determines the content of degree courses, organizes lab work and seminars for both the Undergraduate and graduate students.

Benefits of studying in Oxford

  • A monthly stipend will be provided
  • Residence is offered by the University
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Access to the University’s laboratory and Libraries
  • Opportunity to work and socialize as students gets to spend about three years in UK
  • Getting noticed as an undergraduate which gives students an opportunity to be make headlines from dramas, activism, journalism, debating and so on.
  • A chance to learn new skills as students pick up new skills
  • Access to generous scholarships and student support funds
  • Supportive college communities
  • Research opportunities
  • Extensive welfare and support networks

Students from all over the World from different geographical ones, diverse nations with various interests and backgrounds are admitted, which makes the University one of the most adventurous learning environment, recognized for its educational quality with competitive places to study undergraduate and graduate level degrees.

Here are some other Scholarships to look out for in Oxford;

Hill Foundation Scholarship

Ahmet Ertegun Memorial Scholarship

Pelgrave Brown Scholarship

Simon and June Li Undergraduate Scholarship

Oxford-Arlan AHmilton and Earline Butler Sims Scholarship

Dr Ateh jewel Foundation Award

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