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If you’re a student of language, culture, and history, or if you’re trying to find an international experience like no other; if you want more than just “pretty pictures” and have some sense that the world is your oyster; then university in Salzburg might be your answer. Sprawling green hillsides, dreamy lake views, old churches, and castles. The city boasts a rich history threaded with artistry and tradition. The Salzburg Festival alone is worth the trip! A World Heritage Site for its architecture as well as its longstanding role in promoting music education and classical performance. 

The University of Salzburg is the oldest and most prestigious in Austria. The Classics Faculty, with over 6,000 students, offers programs of study in French, German and Italian. The Arts Department offers courses in visual arts, dance, and drama. The Faculty of Business and Economics offers undergraduate programs in Business Administration, International Business, and Marketing.

There are many other graduate-level programs at the university as well including Philosophy (European Philosophy), History (Modern European History), European Studies (Europeans across the centuries), and Education (Music Pedagogy).

In the past few years, the University of Salzburg has attracted more and more international students. Currently, there are over 400 foreign students from 100 countries studying at the university.

The International Relations Office offers individual counseling, study trip programs, and special student events throughout the year to support you in your academic studies. The office is responsible for all international activities of university departments as well as for all incoming and outgoing exchange programs, research visits, and Erasmus programs. The International Relations Office is your first contact at the university when you need advice on studying in Austria or when you want to apply for a course taught in English. If you need help with accommodation, please contact our friends at Housing4Student.

Scholarship Description

The scholarship program at the University of Salzburg is designed to benefit both talented incoming students and those who have achieved success in their careers and wish to return to academia. Students are eligible for the following scholarships:

  • The IAS Scholarship, which is granted on a competitive basis
  • The Initiating Scholarship, which we offer on a non-competitive basis
  • -The “Nathan W. Schaefer” Scholarship, which goes exclusively to U.S. citizens
  • The University of Salzburg is located in the heart of Salzburg and is one of the top universities in Austria. The U.S.-Austrian Fulbright Commission (USAC) offers two opportunities to attend this university:
  • – UAS Scholarship for high-achieving incoming freshmen, and
  • – USAC Grant for returning students from the U.S. interested in studying or furthering their studies at this institution. 
  • – Study Abroad/Foreign Exchange Opportunities – The USAC provides information on programs abroad, including study abroad opportunities, short-term exchanges, long-term exchanges, and foreign language summer schools.

Summary Of Details of University of Salzburg Scholarships in Austria

The University of Salzburg Scholarships is available to talented students who want to study in Austria. To be eligible, you must be a citizen of Austria and show exceptional academic success. The scholarships cover the following: tuition fees, boarding fees, health insurance, and more. They can then be applied with other scholarship programs such as Erasmus Mundus or Fulbright exchanges. Click the link for more information on this exciting opportunity!

In recent years, international students have been leaving their home countries for university abroad in Europe at an increasing rate. Why? One word: opportunity.

Host Country: Austria

Host University: University of Salzburg

Program Degree: Diploma

Funded by: University of Salzburg Scholarships in Austria

Courses: Theology and Law

Application Deadline

The application deadline is January 2023.

Documents Needed to Apply for University of Salzburg Scholarships in Austria

The documents needed to apply are:

  • Application form
  • Transcript
  • Proof of English language skills (English language test score or certificate)
  • Undergraduate degree or diploma with transcript
  • Study plans for the Master’s program
  • Proof of financial support (e.g. bank statement)   
  • Personal letter of motivation detailing reasons for pursuing the scholarship and outlining your goals for this period at university, including any academic achievements you are proud of and what you hope to achieve throughout the scholarship; please include information about any previous study experiences abroad and why Salzburg should be a destination on your list.
  • A CV that provides details on previous study experience, academic achievements, extracurricular activities and hobbies, professional experience, etc.
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Internal proof of enrolment (transcripts, registration card)
  • However, the selection process for this scholarship mainly consists of academic performance and a language exam. The application deadline is March 25th of each year. 

Eligibility Criteria for University of Salzburg Scholarships in Austria

To be eligible, here are the criteria:

  • You must be a Member of the EU, EFTA, or Swiss Confederation
  • You have to have an excellent academic record
  • Bernard is your surname. Remember to write in lowercase when you mention your name.
  • You are 16 years old at the time of application and 18 at the time of enrolment
  • Also eligible are citizens who do not meet one or more of these requirements but whose spouse meets one or more of them. Also eligible are citizens who do not meet one or more of these requirements but whose spouse meets one or more of them.

The University of Salzburg offers a broad range of scholarship programs. We invite you to explore your opportunities and make the most of them. If you already know what you want to study, simply select your degree program from the menu on the left-hand side. Our menu lists all our degrees in English. If there is no link for your degree program, it means that it is not offered in English at this time.

If you are not sure yet, please take a look at our overview of all programs offered at our University using the menu on the left-hand side. The information sheets contain detailed information about eligibility for scholarships and also provide information about admission requirements and application deadlines.

How to Apply for University of Salzburg Scholarships in Austria

To apply, here are the steps:

  • Visit the University of Salzburg website.
  • Then, find your country on the list below and contact them to get more information.
  • Afterward, fill out an application form.
  • Print and save a copy of the application form for your records.
  • Send all supporting documents (transcripts) to 
  • Be sure to have an institutional email address on file at UOS so that you can continue receiving important updates about your application process should you not be able to respond in time through email or telephone.
  • Finally, wait for notification of a letter from the university addressed either directly to you or via your institution if required by law (if they are unable to reach you).

Benefits to Gain from studying at the University of Salzburg Scholarships in Austria

The benefits are:

  • Studying abroad in Austria
  • Master one or more academic disciplines in fields such as History, German Studies, Religious Studies, and Business Administration.
  • Enjoy free lectures by renowned professors and guest lecturers 
  • Gain experience in a fast-paced international university environment.
  • The University of Salzburg Scholarships is a scholarship program that helps students study abroad in Austria for their studies at the University of Salzburg or other accredited Austrian universities. The main goal of the scholarship program is to prepare students for graduate school or career advancement with an increased understanding of life abroad. With world-renowned academics overseeing the process, you can be sure you’ll be learning from those who have forged their careers outside of academia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get scholarship in Austria?

However, there are hardly any scholarships for a whole degree program here in Austria. One possibility would be to apply for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree. Applicants of all nationalities can apply for scholarships – there is no geographical restriction.

Can I get a full scholarship in Europe?

There are 100,000s of scholarships and financial support schemes available across Europe for international students who wish to study here. Some schemes cover part of the tuition fees, some cover all of the tuition fees, as well as supporting living costs too.



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