University of Stirling PG Scholarships in UK

University of Stirling PG Scholarships in UK- The University of Stirling is delighted to announce the commencement of applications into her Postgraduate South Africa Scholarships for its 2022/2023 academic cycle in the United Kingdom.
This scholarship is set to be full-time and scholars are to live in-campus. Self-funding candidates who are either South African citizens or are residing in South Africa at the point of application are advised to apply for this postgraduate degree programme in the UK.

About The Scholarship Program

The University of Stirling Postgraduate Jordan Scholarship program has long been in existence and is always supporting worldwide understudies to achieve universal residents while fostering effective vocations all over the world. The Postgraduate Jordan Scholarships is granted to scholars as an amount worth £4,000 which is to see for the educational expense waiver. It is available for full-time studies.

Brief Description of This Program

Host University or Institution : University of Stirling
Department: Not Available
Course Level : Postgraduate
Award : £4,000
Eligible Countries: South Africa.
Eligible Course or Subjects: The scholarship will be granted in any subject offered by the host university.

About The Host University, University of Stirling

The University of Stirling is a state funded college sited in Stirling, Scotland. It is an institution of higher learning laid out by the Royal Charter in the year, 1967. It is located in the Central Belt of Scotland, and it worked inside the walled Airthrey Castle domain. Since its creation, the university has extended to four (4) faculties, a Management School, and many institutes and centers seeing for a broad range of subject areas in the academic fields of arts and humanities, health sciences, social sciences, natural sciences, and sport.

In size, the University campus has up to 360 acres (1.5 km2), blending the “Stirling University Innovation Park” and “the Dementia Centre”. However, the campus, which has lots of loch, wildlife, and mixture of exotic and native flora is found in a location far below the foothills of the Ochil Hills and is always mentioned as among the most beautiful sites to have a view of in the UK.

In the year 2002, the University of Stirling and the site of the Airthrey Estate were selected by the “International Council on Monuments and Sites” as among the list of UK’s main twenty (20) legacy local reserves of the twentieth 100 years. The college likewise has beautiful structures which are top in the city of Stirling. The University of Stirling works in understudies from a diverse scope range of foundations, which is not more than 14,000 part-time and full-time understudies.

Besides, the University of Stirling has global standard degree program which are in coordinated efforts with Chinese Hebei Normal University, also in Singapore with the “Singapore Institute of Management, and Oman” . The University provides a MSc in Human Rights plus Diplomacy, this is the key Human Rights and Diplomacy program on the planet set in participation with the main preparatory arm of the United Nations which is “the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)”.

The University of Stirling was the top new college to be founded in Scotland for almost four hundred (400) years. Its unique location/site was selected from a waitlist of suggested destinations, which includes the Perth, Falkirk, and Inverness. Also, the founder of the Robbins Review, who called for the development of the quantity of colleges available in the UK during the 1960s named Lord Robbins, was chosen as the University’s most memorable Chancellor in the year 1968. In the year 1967 a structure for the University Principal Tom Cottrell was laid, the building was well planned by modelers Morris and Steedman.

Benefits Scholars Stand To Gain From This Program

The University of Stirling Postgraduate Jordan Scholarships will be granting an honor that has its measure at about £4,000 each year to the successful applicants.

Eligibility Criteria For Applications into the University of Stirling Postgraduate Jordan Scholarships

Candidates would probably be getting a restrictive or an unqualified proposal of confirmation for these qualified postgraduate course taken at the University of Stirling if he or she does not meet the following criteria slated by the management;

  • You should be grouped as abroad for educational expense reasons to be fit for the University of Stirling Postgraduate Jordan Scholarships.
  • Every applicant should be a Jordanian ( it can either be public or living in Jordan at the mark of use).
  • This University of Stirling Postgraduate Jordan Scholarship opportunity is simply available to only students who are entering straightforwardly into a full-time PG. certificate program, to be read at the University’s Stirling grounds. Kindly note that the grant can’t be given with other of the Stirling grant or grants.
  • On the other hand, there are chances that applicants that are offered more than 1 University of Stirling grant, in such cases, it is the most noteworthy of the honor that will be taken, to avoid contradictions.

How to Apply

  • Once you are sure you have met the criteria and requirements and thus qualified for the grant, you are advised to visit the University of Stirling website at to get an application slot. Researchers will also be recognized as a feature of the affirmations interaction. Therefore, there is no different application slot or dates that is specially created for the honor. Likewise, Students will be seen as part of the admissions process automatically. No different application portal is needed for the student’s award. All International holders of offers will be eligible to take part in the scholarship as that is among the postgraduate admission process at the university.
  • Get ready all Supporting Documents which includes candidate’s Academic transcript from their undergraduate study programme along with their graduation certificate. If you are still concluding your study, then an interim transcript will used, and your university will be able to put you through on how to get one.
  • Provide Copies of your academic qualifications and certifications. An academic transcript of yours gotten from student’s undergraduate program
  • Provide one reference, this reference should be a professional one and should be written by someone (a professor) who knows your work so well and can speak on your ability to study at the postgraduate level in the University. This will generally be your performance in your final year of study at the undergraduate program (your dissertation supervisor, for instance) or your employer and research institute if you have been out of school.
  • Provide a supporting statement which is a short essay on why you want to study the selected course in the University of Stirling Postgraduate Jordan Scholarships. Also a certified translated format of your academic transcript should be uploaded.

Other Admission Requirements

For taking admission, applicants must have to go through all the entry requirements of the university, here are extra requirements to secure this grant.

  • Language Requirement: If candidate’s country does not speak English as his or her first language, they must have to provide a good evidence of their English language skills. Info on English language requirements are listed specifically on each course page. They can be the IELTS or the Academic Duolingo English Test (DET). Others include the Language Cert International ESOL B2 and the TOEFL. Visit for more details.

Application Deadline

This application is very much open and is still accepting online applications, the last date for applications is on the 1st of July

Extra Tips on Applications

Here are other tips that you may be needed while applying to this scholarship opportunity

  • It’s important to bear in mind that applying for scholarships is somewhat like a game. The more your eligibility level the better your chances of securing scholarships– so apply with all cautions and with your best qualifications to bag these scholarships. There are millions of opportunities in the internet, you could always visit and keep it refreshed on a daily basis. Never give up if your efforts. Sadly we know how difficult it is often times to win scholarship grants, and not everyone is always eligible to win a scholarship. It’s vital that you never stop applying – because yours might just be on the way.
  • Don’t avoid scholarships because they require essays. We got to know that many applicants avoid programs that require essays in their scholarship opportunities; and for applicants that are good writers, focusing on research writing and programs can be a smart decision. Yes, you need to input more effort in your applications, make sure to have several essay applications already drafted incase of opportunities, all these tips are to make the process of your application to get much more easier.

End Notes

This is an avenue where you can pursue your dream graduate courses in a fully funded setting, if you meet the requirements make sure to apply as early as you can. Also, bear in mind that applying for scholarships is somehow like a dice game. The more your qualification level, the better your chances of securing scholarships– so apply with all cautions(have a coach) and with your best qualifications to bag these scholarship. Success in your applications!

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