University of Verona PhD Scholarship Italy

University of Verona PhD Scholarship Italy- The University of Verona is currently receiving applications for its 34th session of PhD Scholarship program. This opportunity is open for foreign/international students and is set to run for this academic year. The 34th session for this PhD programmes officially starts on 1st October 2022. For more details on eligibility requirements, scholarship host, available courses and application deadline, kindly read gently to digest all vital information about the Scholarship.

About University Of Verona

The University is sited in Verona, it was established in the Year 1982. The University Of Verona has twelve (12) Departments which the programs in the Uni. is Divided into. According to newspaper Il “Sole 24 Ore” statistical ranking,it stood as the best non-private university in Italy in for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively. The 12 Departments of the university are as follows; Neurological, Neuro psychological, Morphological and Movement Sciences, Biotechnology,Computer Science, Economics, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Law, Business Administration, Medicine, Philosophy, Education and Psychology, Public Health and Community Medicine and Surgery and Space, Time, Society, Image (Detail Source: Wikipedia). In this scholarship, applicants who does not speak English as their first language are usually expected to provide evidence of proficiency in the Language at any level required by the host University.

Details About The University of Verona PhD Scholarship Italy

Course Level: This Scholarships are open to pursue only PhD programmes in Verona University.

Study Subject: Scholarships are given to successful candidates to learn any of the courses offered by the university (read on for the list of programs available)

Scholarship Award: The amount to be granted for each scholarship holder is €15,343.28 gross annually, This may be more than in situations stipulated by law. Scholarships are not part of IRE (personal income tax). Scholarships grants are given for the entire time range of the PhD programme, which is usually three years ( 36 months) or four years (48 months) and instalments are paid on a monthly basis. The first instalment of the month October this year will be paid at the last days of the same month only if the scholar has submitted all the necessary documentation required and is to be verified by an enrollee in their PhD programme by September 25, 2022. Otherwise, they won’t be getting the payment until the next month, 2 months installment will be distributed to them at the end of November.

Nationality: Scholarships are available to foreign/international students.

Number of Scholarships: Numbers not specified

Scholarship Country: This program is to be taken in Italy

Eligible Countries: Scholarships are available to students from all nations of the World

Programs/Courses Available at The University of Verona PhD Scholarship Italy

The list of programs available at the University of Verona are as follows;

  • Surgical and Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Human Sciences
  • Philology, Literature and Performing Arts
  • Inter-university in Mathematics
  • Inter-university in Accounting and Archaeological, historical-artistic and historical sciences
  • Linguistics
  • Foreign languages ​​and Literatures
  • Management
  • Biotechnology
  • Informatics
  • Biomolecular Medicine
  • Computer Science
  • Nanosciences and Advanced Technologies
  • Clinical and Experimental Biomedical Sciences
  • Economy and Finance
  • European and International Legal Sciences
  • Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer
  • Neuroscience, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences
  • Applied Sciences of Life and Health

Benefits Students Stand to Gain From The University of Verona PhD Scholarships

Here are the scholarship benefits successful applicants would gain from this scholarship;
— Students would enjoy the world-class and the excellent education system in the University
— A Scholarships grants of Up to €15,343.28/year is to be given to scholarship holders. This grant will be paid in installment every Month. The first instalment would be available to applicants who have finished all documentation and all required registration before the 25th September 2022. Those who fail to complete these requirements will still be Paid at the 2 month installment at the last days of November.

Entrance Requirements

All applicants must be able to meet all these criteria to be deemed fit for this Scholarship ;

  • To be admitted to any PhD programme in the Verona Uni. all applicants (regardless of their age or nationality) must posses any of “Laurea Specialistica/Magistrale” or ” a Laurea (of the old system before the Reform number of 509/1999)” this should be obtained from any University in Italy. Should incase it is not available, any related-level foreign/international degree can serve. This implies that candidates with any foreign Master’s degree ( either MSc or MA) that would give them the access to PhD programmes in Italy where the degree was bagged are fit to apply.
  • Candidates who will be rounding up their Master’s degree on or before the 31st of October 2022 are also fit to apply. Their application will be taken into consideration, note this will be subject to further confirmation and they will be required to present their degree certificate or ” a self-certification” to the PhD Office located in “Area Ricerca – U.O. Dottorati di Ricerca”. The submission should be made by 31st October 2022 (this is in accordance with the Decree from the presidential desk no. 445 of 28/12/00 for all EU citizens). Any applications who does not present this document will not be fit for the Verona Uni. Scholarship.
  • Candidates who are already pursuing any PhD programme at the University of Verona may, if they meet the relevant qualification, entrance exams and are graded successfully in the merit list, change to a different PhD programme. Students who switch from their PhD courses must renounce their former PhD programme and start again from the 1st year of the new PhD programme only if the programme creates a place without a scholarship.
  • Applicants who already posses a PhD will not be fit for any programme with related research topics to that of their PhD disciplines.
  • Candidates who have in one way or the other benefited from any PhD scholarship, regardless of the year, Country, program are not fit for the Verona scholarship. All interested candidates are that met these requirements are therefore invited to submit their application for this scholarship Call, If any of the above mentioned prerequisites are not met, the Verona university has the sole right to delete such applicants from the selection procedure. Any rejected applications are have justified reasons at all time, even long after the examination cycle have taken place.

Documents Required For Applications Into The Verona Uni.Scholarship

Below are the necessary documents needed for this scholarship, ensure to gather all before initiating the flow

  • Candidate’s CV
  • Online Application Form
  • Candidate’s Passport
  • Copies of your Previous Degree Certificates, both Bachelor and Masters Degree Certificates
  • Transcripts showing all your Semesters Records
  • A Motivation Letter of yours
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (1 should come from Academic and other from Non Academic) Research Proposal

English Language Requirements for Applications Into Verona University

Applicants whose Country does not speak English as their first language are usually required to show an evidence of proficiency in the English Language. The proficiency should be at the higher level needed by the Verona University Scholarships.

Process Flow for Applications Into The University of Verona PhD Scholarship Italy:

Applications must be submitted online only, candidates are to access the application form through
Application Procedure:
— First connect to the application site at
— Candidates are register by filling out the information required
— Choose the PhD programme you wish to pursue at the Verona University
— Fill in all other required details/informations using the online application form

Deadline for Applications

Early applications is crucial, apply early to avoid unnecessary stories, the Verona Scholarship program started accepting applications from the 18th May 2022 and will be open until 1 pm on June 18, 2022 (Italian local time)

End Notes

This is a very good opportunity that is not worth missing, after undergoing and finishing your PhD Studies here there are big Chances of being hired by either Public and private establishments in Italy who are specifically base in all round Scientific development. Good luck in your applications!

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