University Of Nigeria Nsukka [UNN] University Of Nigeria Nsukka [UNN]

UNN Notice on Postgraduate Workshop for 2019/2020 Session

Postgraduate Workshop for postgraduate students who were admitted in 2019/2020 session and others who missed the last postgraduate workshop are invited to register for 2021 workshop as follows:

Continuation of Registration: 21/06/2021

End of Registration: 02/08/2021

Late Registration begins (with penalty): 03/08/2021

End of Late Registration: 23/08/2021

Admitted students who have paid their school fees and obtained registration number (Reg. No) are qualified to participate by logging on to click on Postgraduate Students and on Generate Invoice for PGC 601 and PGC 701 and then proceed to the Bank with the invoice for payment.

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