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The [United States International University Africa USIU- Africa] has partnered with the [Mastercard Foundation] in its global scholarship Program. And this action will offer academically talented youth from Africa facing financial, gender, relegation, or disability constraints an opportunity to access world class university education.

The [Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program] at [USIU-Africa] will give full- cost scholarships to youthful Africans who are first- time undergraduate degree- seeking aspirants. And by completion of their studies, scholars will be needed to lead changes in their communities and contribute to meaningful metamorphosis across the mainland, having been equipped with internationally honored and locally applicable.

The [USIU- Africa Mastercard Foundation Scholarship] for the year 2022 United States International University- Africa [USIU- Africa] is pleased to advertise its cooperation with the Mastercard Foundation for its global scholarships Program.

The action will offer academically talented youths from Africa facing fiscal, gender, relegation or disability constraints an occasion to pierce world- class university education.

  • The Scholarship Sponsors – Is [USIU-Africa and Mastercard Foundation]
  • The.Scholarship to be taken – In the United States International University Africa.
  • The Scholarship Level – Is Undergraduate
  • The Country/Candidate Eligibility – Is for Africans

USIU- Africa Mastercard Foundation Scholarship For The Year 2022 And Their Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for the [USIU- Africa Mastercard Foundation Scholarship], the aspirants must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be women not exceeding 29 years of age in the following orders [Youthful women; refugees and displaced youth; Youth with disabilities.
  • They  must demonstrate academic gift and have particular provocation to complete their education.
  • They must be committed to giving back to their communities through former and/ or once engagements with community outreach conditioning
  • The exhibition leadership eventuality and committed to getting change makers, part models and instructors who embrace ethical leadership.
  • You must be interested in and meet the [USIU- Africa] admissions criteria and academic qualifications to shoulder any of the approved undergraduate degree programs.

Eligible Programs

  • Science & Technology.
  • The Pharmacy and Health Science.
  • The Communication, Cinematic & Creative Trades.
  • The.Business Administration.
  • The Humanities & Social Science

Educational Benefits

  • The Education and functional fees;
  • The [Laptops, books, and other scholarship materials]
  • The reasonable accommodation and charges
  • The Medical insurance;
  • The Paycheck;
  • The Transport to and from home;
  • To have access to leadership training;
  • To have access to entrepreneurial training;
  • To have social support, career comforting, and mentorship.
  • The disability requirements will be nicely provisioned for.

Applicational Procedures

The interested aspirants for the [USIU- Africa Mastercard Foundation Scholarship 2022] are to:

Download the operation forms from Then or pick the forms from the Admissions Office, located in the Main Administration structure at USIU- Africa at no cost.

To submit completed application forms by email as an attachment, icing that the original copy of the education operation form and all the needed documents are comprehensible and send to [email protected]  or drop your application form at the admissions Office, located in the Main Administration structure at [USIU- Africa].

Or post your operation to “Program Director, the [Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program], the [USIU- Africa],P.O. ]Box 14634 – 00800], Nairobi

Mastercard Foundation Scholarships

The program eLearning Initiative is a common problem between [USIU- Africa, Arizona State University -ASU and Mastercard Foundation -MCF through Center for Innovative Technology and Literacy -CITL.  And the ideal of thee-Learning Initiative is to support institutions in the scholarships Program network to develop capabilities and adaptability to deliver [high- quality and inclusive-learning] and associated support services so as to enable all students, including those who face fresh walls, to successfully pursue their studies from anywhere.

It also aims to strengthen sharing institutions ’e-learning resource centers so that they deliver high quality and inclusive-learning to all their scholars.

The action will be enforced in two phases. The [Phase 1 Educational design and Online pedagogy and Phase 2 Content Management] and this program will fulfil its accreditation through enforcing foure-Learning conditioning.

The [E- Learning] Initiative Activities

No 1: Is the E-Learning Ecosystem Design

This exertion will be erected through a series of eased engagements among the university leadership position, the e-learning operations position at each sharing institution which are the [African institutions, American University of Beirut – AUB and EARTH University] and the external stakeholder position including policymakers, accreditors and others critical to the relinquishment of e-learning across the mainland.

This exertion will give advanced instruments for [100 trainees], who’ll be faculty and staff nominated by sharing institutions. And through [training, mentoring, peer networking and content development support], the trainees will become e-Learning title holders at their original institutions.

No 2: Their Scaling

This exertion will contribute to establish [governance, addition, policy, technology structure, data sequestration and systems integration for scale]. And it’ll also include guiding Scholarships Program network member institutions on the establishment of their e-Learning resource centers, business models and delegation hobbies.

No 3: Their Monitoring and their evaluation

This exertion will concentrate on assessing and measuring the process and progress of-learning readiness and relinquishment at the existent, institutional and public situations, including policy and delegation. And it’ll be a participatory exertion across the network with a particular focus on the process and issues of exertion 2 which is the [Training & Knowledge Rally].

Mastercard Foundation Scholarship  Program And Learning Initiative

The Coronavirus epidemic -COVID- 19 caused dislocations in the advanced education assistance. And the challenges advanced education institutions faced handed an occasion to reevaluate the models of advanced education educational delivery, exploration product, and dispersion. But these models have started shaping how universities deliver public service and engagement, invention and entrepreneurship, and generally the business model of the academic front.

The [Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program and Learning Initiative] is meant to address this dislocation. The [USIU- Africa together with Arizona State University -ASU] came together under Mastercard Foundation to develop and support the scholarships Program eLearning Initiative. But their action focuses on online instruction for mate universities to be enforced through [educational design, online pedagogy, content development, and accession for online tutoring].

The action’s first phase is projected to profit around advanced education scholars though laterally through better pedagogy. But through the program, the supereminent universities will come up with inventions for spanning the being eLearning platforms to strengthen online tutoring. And the program seeks to draw tertiary institutions ’ attention to online literacy through strengthening probative structure at the institution’s position.


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