Washburn Rural Teacher Surprised With Cash Prize Of $25,000 During School Assembly.

The 2001 Milken Educator Awardee and also a former theatre teacher at Washburn Rural high school known by her name Stephanie Bishop, prompted the students in the assembly to increase their level of excitement even more.

In her words:

“because we’re going to do something on a national level.

Nationally, athletes get recognitions like gold medals and Most Valuable Player awards, Entertainers get prizes like Oscars or Emmy trophies. Even scientists and researchers have recognitions like the Nobel Prizes.

But consider for a moment — isn’t it odd that the ones teaching all of the others getting the awards haven’t been part of the celebration? Today we’re here to fix that”

It was a really memorable day for everyone who held some sort of position in the Washburn Rural high school.

The School authorities had organized an assembly in the school Gym, where they claimed that that the purpose for such gathering was to Celebrate all the ‘wins’ and accomplishments of Washburn Rural high school.

The even was progressing just fine for long hours of speakers giving one speech or the other.

But, the students started noticing something different, which was the fact that real valuable people from outside of the school district were arriving at the assembly.

And their suspicious we’re true.

The Kansas education commissioner Randy Watson was present as he also introduced the vice president for the awards organization, Stephanie Bishop.

Just Before them were a group of students holdings green colored paper cards.

As they got the middle of the gym, they slowly started to turn the paper cards in their hands to reveal a number.

The first three female students slowly turned their cards to reveal the ‘$’ sign and the numbers 2 and 5.

Stephanie Bishop kept on prompting to students to add even more zeros to the $25 they could all see.

The Next two male students revealed two zeros and then the Kansas education commissioner Randy Watson, joins students in holding the final “0” as they revealed the $25,000 Milken Educator Award.

Washburn rural high school biology teacher pfefier

The national Milken Educator Award program honours unrecognized teachers and educators within their early career- mid career for their outstanding impact and contribution to the development of the school and the students.

In combination with the money awarded, these educators also get some benefits like mentorship and support and also they get to emabark on an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles.

Pfeifer is the surprise recipient of the $25,000 Milken Educator Award.

He was so shocked when Stephanie Bishop called him out as the Awardee for this year 2022.

Students have developed some sort of deep relationship with Pfeifer.

He is so relatable to students, very dedicated to helping Young people achieve their goals in life.

He goes out to help students understand the most complex concepts in biology or any other science courses even if it means giving up his personal time.

Pfeifer Thanked every person in the school. He thanked his students for making the school a beautiful place to be. Likewise did he do to his colleagues for the absolutely awesome work they do together.

In his words:

“I love working here, I love my job. I love education. I find a lot of value in that.

It’s about showing interest in students’ lives and their passions, he said.

When they know that they’re respected, then they’re gonna respect you, reporters after the awards ceremony. “And it just has been a really, really good positive working relationship with them.

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