Watch How the Guys Successfully Pranked the Ladies – BBNaija

Can we take a moment to talk about last night? Biggie’s Housemates came through with all the vibe – and we are curious to know whose vibe you think carried the night. The Housemate’s excitement reverberated across the House as they cheered and celebrated their entry.

In just a few hours to go, Big Brother will be revealing the ladies that are set to join the House and we can’t wait for tonight’s Live Show. We also have burning questions – How will the girls be like? Will they be as diverse as the guys? Ugh, what about their energy?😩 Will they take it to the top, like the guys have?😰 We can go on for sure, but one thing we know is the more the merrier! After all, we do love sharing all the drama and tea for your entertainment.

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The men certainly agree and have wasted no time in giving us a plot twist of their own. A warm welcome clearly awaits the incoming Housemates. The guys are scheming and ready to greet the ladies with a prank of epic proportions. The House is divided on whether they should greet the girls naked, or just flat out ignore all of them when they walk in. We have a feeling all the above will be hard to do.

Whatever the case, we sure are ready to see the looks on their faces.

Although most of the Housemates have said their eyes are on the prize money, we can’t help but wonder if their eyes aren’t also on love. They may not rant and rave about it but most of the guys are single and ready to mingle. This season is about to be loaded with all kinds of ships and we can’t wait to share them with you? Which guys do you think will be on a ship soon?

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To make sure you dont miss out on anything, tune in to the Live Show tonight to witness what the guys have planned for the ladies.

Update: The guys succeeded in pranking the ladies.

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