What Does the Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat? [2022 UPDATE]

What Does the Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat?


What Does the Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat?- If you have a Snapchat account and have fell in love with the app, you must be wondering what the emojis that appear by other users and your friends names on Snapchat. Every emoji that appears by your friends names on Snapchat mean something.

If you are reading this now, it is either you know what other emojis mean already or you have great interest in the yellow heart emoji. What does the yellow heart mean on Snapchat?


If you have seen the yellow emoji on someone else’s Snapchat and was told it was added by Snapchat, do not bother. This article will also show you how to get a yellow heart on Snapchat.

Depending on your friendship level and time with a particular user, Snapchat adds emojis to their names on your account. This is a great feature that is loved by many users. Some popular Snapchat emojis include the yellow heart emoji, the fire emoji, birthday cake emoji, the pink heart emoji, smiley face emoji, green heart emoji and many others.

For some people, this is one of the reasons why Snapchat is better than other social media apps. If the yellow heart emoji has appeared on some of your friends names and you do not understand it, keep reading through this article.

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What does the Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat?

The yellow heart on Snapchat is known as the friends emoji. If you talk to a particular person consistently and send snaps often, the yellow heart will appear after two weeks. It is given to a user that you speak to quite often.


It takes about two weeks before you see the emoji. In other words, the emoji means you and the user are best friends. After some time, this emoji may change to other colours. The colour yellow means care, and red symbolizes love. If you continue being BFFs with the person, the colour of the emoji will change.

How to Get the Yellow Heart on Snapchat

To get the yellow heart on Snapchat, you do not have to do anything much. It comes naturally after some time. If you just signed up on Snapchat, use the app for a few weeks and you should see the emoji appear in front of one of your friends names.

You will also see other emojis appearing in front of the names of your other friends. If you do not get it, there is an easy way to get the yellow heart on Snapchat.

 Try chatting with a friend and sending snaps for two straight weeks or more. If you chat with someone everyday for more than two weeks, Snapchat gives you and your friend a yellow heart.

Has the Yellow Heart on Snapchat Disappeared?

There are few reasons why the yellow heart could disappear on Snapchat. If you are wondering if it was caused by a glitch or Snapchat removed it, you are incorrect. The yellow heart can be changed into the red heart emoji after you keep chatting with someone who already became your best friend on Snapchat.

The best ways to get all the emojis from Snapchat is by chatting a friend or a lover through the app. Naturally, the emojis will appear after some time. If you really want the Snapchat heart, you can intentionally chat with someone for some time.

If the yellow heart changes to a red heart, the conversations between you and the user have improved and are quite frequent.

There is another reason why the yellow heart will disappear on Snapchat. If the conversation between you and your friend reduces significantly, the emoji will be removed as it means that you are no longer best friends.

If you do not talk to your friend for a complete one week, the emoji will disappear. Do not feel pressure to talk to someone frequently because of this. If you are friends, there will be something to talk about in a week.

Apart from this reason, the yellow heart on your Snapchat can move to another person. This will happen if your best friend is now with a heart emoji and there is someone you speak to consistently too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about what the yellow heart means on Snapchat:

How long does it take to get a yellow heart on Snapchat?

It takes about two weeks to get a yellow heart on Snapchat. To get the yellow heart, you must be best friends with a friend for two complete weeks. If you maintain that status, you will get a yellow heart emoticon with the friend on your Snapchat.

What does the yellow heart mean on Snapchat?

It means that you are best friends with a particular user on Snapchat. It means you have been interacting for more than two weeks by chatting and sending Snaps to each other.

What does pink heart mean on Snapchat?

Pink hearts on Snapchat mean that you have been great friends with someone for more than two months, consistently. If you have been interacting with the person and sending snaps for two months, you will get a pink heart on Snapchat with the user.

What does smiling face mean on Snapchat?

A smiling face on Snapchat means that both of you have each other marked as best friends on Snapchat. It may not last very much unlike the hearts emojis.


Snapchat has been very innovative with the system of letting you know if you’re BFFs with someone or you are both each other’s best friends.

If you have been wondering what the yellow heart means on Snapchat, this article explains everything and adds what you need to know about other emojis on Snapchat.


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