What is the Importance of Education?

What is the Importance of Education –The importance of education is so immense and inexhaustible. Being without education is like walking on a dark path at night without a torchlight. Such an individual is at great risk, as there could be broken bottles, dangerous creeping animals, etc. on that path. The importance of education is far beyond getting to secure a good job, there is really a lot more you can get out of education.  

What is Education?

Education is the process of acquiring or imparting knowledge or skills in a particular field. Education could be Formal, Informal and Non-formal.

Formal Education usually takes place in the four walls of a school where an individual gets to learn basic academic or trade skills. Formal education is usually given by specialized and trained personnel often called teachers.

Formal education is usually structured and planned. There is a syllabus in which the teacher uses to teach the students. Fees are also attached, to be paid at scheduled intervals.

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At the end of a formal education, students receive a formal and recognized certificate which can be used to secure a job.

Informal Education is a kind of education that is unstructured and unplanned. It is a natural form of education that requires no particular learning method or curriculum or location for learning. Unlike the formal education, fees are not attached and certificates are not issued at the end.

Informal education happens daily, in fact, it is a life-long learning process. There is always something to learn daily from someone that is located somewhere. You can get to acquire knowledge from home, elders in the community, browsing through websites, etc.

Examples of Informal Education include:

  • A girl child learning how to cook meals from her mum
  • A boy learning how to ride a bicycle from his uncle.
  • A bride-to-be learning the principles of home keeping from a married woman, etc.

Non-Formal Education is like a bridge between formal and informal education. It is more structured than informal education but does not really have a set of curriculum or syllabus like that of formal education. It is also known as semi-formal education.

Examples of Non-formal education include:

  • Sports/Fitness Clubs
  • Swimming sessions for children
  • Adult education courses
  • Boys Scout
  • Girl Guides
  • Vocational trainings, etc.

Importance of Education

#1        Education builds and improves your communication skills: Basic communication skills include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Education helps you build and fine-tune these skills. A man that cannot communicate properly will be disadvantaged, marginalized and under-rated in life.

#2        Education gives you a higher chance of securing a good job: An educated person has better chances of securing a better job than an uneducated person.

#3        Education helps you to be qualified for high-paying jobs: Most high paying jobs requires individuals that have one level or form of education or the other in specified areas. As an educated person, you can easily bid for lucrative jobs than an uneducated person.

#4        Education improves your critical thinking: The process and rigours of learning helps an individual to be improved in his thinking than someone that is not educated. For example, the way an educated person will run a canteen will be quite different and better than the way an illiterate will run the same canteen.

#5        Education increases your options in life: An educated person has higher options in life than an illiterate. For example, an educated person can decide to go get a job after graduation or set up an enterprise based on the critical knowledge he has acquired while schooling.

#6        Education gives you higher comfort: Getting educated gives you access to high-paying jobs and high paying jobs could translate to higher life and higher comfort.

#7        Education empowers an individual and builds self-reliance: Education builds your communication skills (i.e. ability to read, write, listen, and speak). These four skills can empower you seriously and take you to greater heights in life and career if you are determined enough.

#8        Education increases your self-confidence: Education increases your level of self-confidence in the society, you are neither intimidated nor afraid.

#9        Education is a weapon of defense: When you are educated, you won’t be cheated or side-lined in life. No matter how wealthy a business woman is, if she cannot read or write, most likely her employees would cheat her and take advantage of her.

#10      Education makes you a solution to long-standing problems: If you have really and genuinely passed through school, your life will be an answer somewhere to long-standing problems. One of the skills you acquire while studying is problem-solving skills. I will be sharing in the next paragraphs how some young brains have used this skill to bring about major solutions to some of the gigantic issues in Africa.

Importance of Education in Problem Solving (Practical Examples)

Transportation Network

There was a time in Nigeria that the transportation network was bad. Then, if you need to pick up a taxi, you will need to first take a trip to wherever their taxi park is located and then start trying to bargain because you have been given a cut-throat price. Eventually after about 20mins of haggling, the taxi driver decides to have mercy on you and then the two of you starts the journey home in his ‘rickety’ car to pick up your luggage before heading towards your destination. All throughout the trip, your head is stuck out of the car because you aren’t comfortable in it at all.

Just few years back, some-forward thinking young brains decided to solve that problem by introducing e-taxi. Now you can book a taxi right in your bedroom and in a matter of minutes, the taxi would be waiting right at your door to pick you up. One thing that excites me about the e-taxi is the categories of cars they use. You don’t just get to see any kind of car signing up for e-taxi.

E-taxi cars usually are decent and clean cars, such that when you arrive at your destination, people would have envied you before they even realized that it was hired! These young brains that invented this system had one form of education, that is why they could come up with such. Yes, I know you may argue and say that some of them are drop-outs, they didn’t graduate. But I personally believed those few years that they tarried in school never left them the same and that is why they could come up with such inventions.

Traffic issues resolved

There was also a time that some young-brains also decided to solve the problem of traffic in the metropolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria. Motorcycles were procured, people (mostly graduate) were hired to ride these motorcycles and an app was developed to manage this transportation network. All you needed to do then was to download the app on your phone and then book a trip from wherever you are. In less than 30minutes, you can reach any part of Lagos. These all came about because of the invention of some educated brains.

Online Payment Solutions

The issue of online payment in Africa was solved by two young graduates: Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi. In 2016, these two young brains invented and launched Paystack, with a vision of making online payments for businesses in Nigeria easy, secured and fast. With paystack, businesses can now receive payments through credit card, debit card, money transfer and mobile money on their websites or mobile apps. Paystack is one of the best and most secured platform to carry out financial transactions online. Year 2020 was a major milestone for paystack when it got acquired by Stripes, an Irish-American fintech company for $200 million USD.


E-commerce is another area that has been developed through education. E-commerce simply involves buying and selling online. There is hardly nothing legal that you cannot get to buy online now, even a piece of land, you will get to see the advert online. The beauty of e-commerce was well-appreciated during the covid-19 lockdown in 2020 when people’s movement were restricted. E-commerce outfit really flourished that period as most people had to do their shopping online.

Jumia, one of the leading e-commerce company in Africa was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec, former consultants at the Mckinsey company alongside Tunde Kehinde (a Nigerian) and Raphael Afaedor (a Ghanaian). The company which was launched in Nigeria in 2012 and expanded to five other countries; Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Ivory Coast and Egypt. As at 2018, Jumia had strong presence in 18 African countries. Jumia in Nigeria is involved in online retail business ranging from sales of electronics, phones and accessories, clothes, shoes, Groceries, etc.

Now, you can get to buy anything online and have it delivered to your doorstep without any stress with the advent of e-commerce.


You must understand that getting some education is not solely to secure a lucrative job so you can live a good life. No, it’s far beyond that. I strongly believe one of the significant importance of education is to solve existing problems using the skills and knowledge you acquired in school. Dear reader, never underrate or belittle yourself, you may just be the next answer the world is waiting for. So get up and get educated, it is never too late to go back to school.


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