When it comes to growing up, several things fill up our pretty brain. You rarely find a young adult who is not intrigued to make it big in life. A solid force pushes us to be successful.

Now, for this to happen, we need first to understand who we are as a person. I am going to put us through the journey to adulthood.

You are in your twenties yet to discover what you want, why everything seems complicated, and the so much desire to succeed. Well! You should know that this is normal. And you have to start doing the following to elevate your ways to adulthood instead of just worrying about it. Here are few tips for understanding yourself as a young adult.


The very first step into understanding yourself is accepting the changes within you, acknowledging that, yes, you are a full-grown adult. You are now responsible for yourself and your decisions and, most importantly, that your favorite bright future is in your precious hands😉😉. It is scaring I know, but it is what it is. So, you have to buckle your shoes tightly not to have distractions during this beautiful journey to success.

Accepting that you are an adult comes with so many responsibilities, and one of them is independence. It is going to be our next tip. Let us leave it for now. Now, someone might say, how do you understand and accept that you are now an adult? I am so sorry to let you know that the government nor anyone else would not come out and tell you, hey buddy, you are an adult now. Congratulations 😊😊 no, dear, it does not work that way.

You know and accept the fact that you are an adult when you;

  • Start taking responsibility for your actions
  • Discipline yourself with time
  • Apologize sincerely
  • Keep to your words
  • Empathize with others
  • Socialize and do not get influenced
  • Know what it means to budget
  • Know when to say NO
  • Have an idea of essential things to add to a conversation
  • Speak up for yourself
  • Get skilled

It is just the tip of the iceberg; there are so many things when it comes to accepting that you are an adult but let us not go too far. So I will put you through some of these things later on, but they are self-explanatory too.



As previously said, one of the responsibilities of an adult is independence. Adulthood comes with being a bit independent, trying to figure things out for yourself instead of someone doing that for you. It must not necessarily be money independence. Little things like; cooking a meal yourself, not waiting on your momma or others to help you count. As a young adult, you need to understand that you are responsible for yourself as there is no need to wait on someone to help you get through any stuff. Our brain is large enough to get things done, and when you make proper use and it, you can always figure things out.

You do not have to move out of your parents’ house to prove that you are independent, this to me is the least a young adult should do unless it is very much necessary, but hey, you need to save cost. And moving out does not save but consumes the little money you had. Independence means you know when to get through a challenge yourself, if possible, without the help of others but do not fail to ask for help if the challenge is way beyond you. Just trying to get that part-time job to assist your parent or to learn a skill is independence. It is that simple!



Remember we talked about saving costs in the previous tip? Now we are going to discuss it properly.

You are probably still getting little stipends from your parents or working online or offline, and all you do is enjoy yourself by spending so much. No, this is so wrong! It would be best to make sure that the amount of money you spend does not exit the amount you get. Have a budget, know what is truly needed and what is merely a desire. I know that trendy dress is catchy and you want to eat that delicious pizza, but at the same time, what happens when you do all this? Think to yourself, are you gaining or losing by doing that? Do not get me wrong, enjoy yourself when necessary, but understand that budgeting will help you in the long run instead. You can give yourself a nice treat, or buy yourself that lovely trendy dress as a reward for what you have achieved or count down on it a bit to save.

As a young adult, do not feel you are too young to start saving and investing. Saving and investing, no matter how small, helps a whole lot. It even makes you feel fulfilled too.

If you do not have a source of money, look for a job or perhaps learn a skill that might help you make money. Now, this leads us to our next tip below.



Having a skill is very important, to be very honest. You do not have to be born with one; skills are learnable. And if you have a skill already, try upgrading yourself more in different other skills. You never know the one that might be of help to you in the long run. From content creation to public speaking, these are skills in demand in every workspace, making you money.

To learn a skill is very simple. I mean, google is free for everyone. Just type the talent that you might be interested in learning, and you will be amazed by the number of ways you can learn that skill.

Upgrading yourself must not depend on having a skill. You can always upgrade yourself by reading books. Several self-development books are very much free to download online. Few examples are; HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE, ZERO TO ONE, THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR, PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL, THE RICH MAN IN BABYLON, TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST TOUGH PEOPLE DO e.t.c there are several others you can search. These books teach you what you need to know, from handling your thoughts to making it big financially.

It is a known thing that the youths so much have delights listening to music. But have you ever thought of replacing that music in your list with podcasts? Podcasts can influence your life in several ways. Many of you do not know that you can learn a lot listening to podcasts, from learning a skill to hearing and learning from the experiences of others.



It is prevalent to see young adults in love with each other, some flirting, some heartbroken, and the rest. But your youth is not the time to let your emotions overcloud you. You are not a teen anymore to be going about heartbroken and sad. Love is a beautiful thing, and it helps people grow, but heartbreak does not. If you are not so lucky with love, then be fortunate with success. Do not break yourself down with depression; get control over your emotions. Let your body know you own it, and you make the decisions. Cry out when need is, but not for so long.

Know when to walk out on a toxic person, several people around you might try to pull you down with words, but your ability to ignore is what makes you an adult. As far as no one is harming you, you should neglect the very last point. You may have people that may be hating on you, this is very normal, and the harm is on them, not you, so please ignore them. Remember, they do not pay the bills, and you cannot pay the bills worrying about them.

Be with people that add value to your life!



The last sentence in our previous post says, “be with people that add value to your life.” Your friends are very much close to you and therefore influence your life in a way too. An adage says, “show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.” Your friends are you, and you are your friends. So, you must pick your friends if you want to add value to your life. If you associate yourself with people that are very much successful, there is a chance that you will end up successful. It goes the other way too. Your friends define you so well. You do not need to let go of your old friends, but at the same time, you can simply just be checking up on them while clinging to the ones that can add value to you.



It has been a long journey to explain what you need to know about yourself as a young adult and the essential tips to guide you through.

So, all you need do now is to follow the tips well and see yourself grow. Meanwhile, do not forget to share this post with your loved ones and others. 

Thank you!

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