7 Reasons Why You Should Study in Brazil


7 Reasons Why You Should Study in Brazil- Brazil has a lot of reputable universities. There are over 2300 institutions of higher learnings in the country that the Ministry of Education (MEC) of Brazil recognizes. It is surprising to note that many old, popular and prestigious institutions of Brazil do not charge any tuition fees. To be able to secure admission into a very good science or art course in Brazil, academic performance is crucial as you need to clear several entrance exams and language tests to test your proficiency level. But, it is all worth it once you successfully gain admission into any good university in Brazil.

About Brazil

This Nation Brazil covers almost fifty percent (50%) of South America’s continent with the honor of being the largest country in the continent. Brazil shares borders with every other country in the Southern America with the exception of Chile and Ecuador . The geography of Brazil reads 4331 kilometres (4331 Km) East-West and 4772 kilometres (4772 Km) North-South. It is home to about more than 200 million individuals and has an economy with fast-growing rate. Do you know that roughly 25% of the rainforest across the world are found in this Nation?

Why You Should Choose to Study in Brazil

Explained below are crucial reasons why you should consider Brazil if you want to study at any institution of higher learning in Brazil;

Cost of Living is Low and Affordable

The cost of survival in Brazil is lower when compared to other western nations, they can vary as per your needs and where you choose to reside. You should also know that this Nation can be quite costly when compared to the United Kingdom and the United States of America in product manufacturing. However, most of the product and services in Brazil are not too expensive due to the low cost of labor.

Accommodation is Affordable for Less Developed Cities

Accommodations, specifically rental services are usually the most expensive in the Nation. The average rent for a nice accommodation of 274 square metres will cost within the range of 528 US dollar to 852 US dollar in some part of the country per month. However, this accommodation costs depends on location and the level of development in the area, it is usually higher in popular cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Student Part-time Jobs

They are numerous part-time jobs available for students in Brazil, Suppose you want to study abroad in Brazil. In that case, you should ensure checking with the school, college or university of choice if your selected program permits you to work in the Nation or come with industry experience. Suppose a foreign exchange, trainee or international student moves to Brazil under a program of training attachment. In that case, the student should be free to work during the holiday programme to make their job legitimate and have an employment training pass or even a permit of the training work in question.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is usually free or relatively affordable especially for their government owned institution. Generally, the per year range for tuition fee stands at 2000 US dollars to 10,000 US dollars.

Internet Accessibility

The cost of Internet in Brazil is not high as the Government has infrastructural developments to see for the subscription needs of its citizens. The number of connections to the Internet in the Nation is on the increase at a rapid rate. There were about 38 million household subscriptions at the start of 2018. This is a huge increase of 14 million users in just six years. This is as a result of PNBL, which is a government initiative aimed at improvising the Nation’s data needs and infrastructure. This service is made available to more than 60 percent (60%) of the overall population, and it will cost you only 113 BRL monthly for all Internet subscription and services you may be needing in the Internet.


The Brazilian government’s value for its minimum wage is adjusted yearly— this adjustment is carried out by each government in the state. However, the federal minimum wage must be in respect to the minimum wage already approved by the national government. Currently, the Nation’s value for the minimum wage stands at 245 US dollars for a month, and it was approved in the year 2017. With increased minimum wages, students can study at ease as their cost of living would remain un-compromised

Scholarships in the Nation

Brazil is very good at offering scholarships to indigent and bright students. If you want to study in a nation that gives you scholarship chances abroad, Brazil is the right choice. The Brazilian government has a partnership with many independent Institutions and organizations that offer various exchange, foreign and international students thirst-quenching opportunities to pursue their dream courses either in postgraduate, PhD, masters, and undergraduate degree courses.

In conclusion, Always know that studying in a conducive setting is as important as securing the admission. Brazil is a very nice place to study, you can give it a try.  


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