8 Reasons Why You Should Study In China

Study in China
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The study system in China requires diligence and is very easy to adapt to as a foreigner. Unlike some other countries, professors teach students frequently in China. The Chinese take behaviour important so there are hardly signs of recklessness and bad behaviour among students. There is also the opportunity to learn the world’s most spoken language when you study in China.

Many students looking for the best countries to study as a foreigner consider the United Kingdom and the United States first before any other countries. Recently however, China has grown steadily across the years to become the world’s third most popular destination for studying.

China is the most populous country in the world and despite this, the country has successfully developed itself over the years with construction and manufacturing as her top priority. The stability of the Chinese economy apart from many other reasons is why more people have considered studying in China.

If you have been looking for the best destinations to study abroad, this article will help you decide as we have listed eight reasons why you should study in China.

What is it like Studying in China?

The study system in China requires diligence and is very easy to adapt to as a foreigner. Unlike some other countries, professors teach students frequently in China. The Chinese take behavior important so there are hardly signs of recklessness and bad behavior among students. There is also the opportunity to learn the world’s most spoken language when you study in China.

This is one among many many reasons why you should study in China.

8 Reasons Why You Should Study in China

China is considered, arguably the world’s third most impressive economy with effective management and government. The city of Beijing in China is ranked 25th in the list of the best student cities with high range of employment opportunities and optimal cost of living and studying.

Below are the advantages and benefits of studying in China:

Quality of Education

China is home to some of the world’s most reputable universities and colleges as shown by the international rankings of some of the institutions.

An example is the renowned Shantou University Medical College and Zhejiang University. Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou are some of the Chinese cities with impressive educational systems and institutions.

The high quality of education offered in China especially in Medicine, Computer Science and Technology can match other elite universities in the US and the UK.

33 universities in China were ranked among the top in the world in 2017 and nearly a hundred universities were ranked the best in Asia.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Chinese government encourages foreigners by offering international scholarships every year to thousands of students. Some foreign students are offered an all-expense paid scholarship while some who commenced studying received monetary rewards from the government of China.

Statistics have shown that it is easier to get a scholarship from the Chinese government as a foreigner to study in China than for most other countries. This explains why the number of foreigners moving to study in China is in the increase yearly.

Highly Valued Degree

With the impressive records of Chinese Universities, a degree from any of these institutions will increase the efficiency of your CV.

Prospective employers are always very sensitive about the institutions your degrees came from.

Graduating from one of these universities in China will enrich your CV and improve the likelihood of you getting a job.

Employment Opportunities

China is known for being the ‘factory of the world”. There are so many Chinese companies inn Construction, manufacturing and production that makes the Chinese manufacturing industry the largest in the world.

China is the largest producer of steel, fertilizer, toys, clothing, gadgets and tech products and accessories.

Studying in China gives foreign students the opportunity of having internship programs at large companies and highly developed factories.

This guarantees that you will gain valuable experience by working even as an intern after your study in China.

Advantage of Exploration

Studying in China means you can easily explore neighboring cities and countries in Asia. Countries like Thailand, Korea and Mongolia possess great tradition and culture and are great choices for tourists. China has various grassland areas with varying climate conditions for different places and you can easily switch to where the weather suits you.

You have the opportunity of see the world from the Asians’ point of view while studying in China.

Students also get to meet various people from over 180 countries who come into China for studies every year.

Enjoy China’s Great History and Tradition

The Chinese have preserved their culture and martial arts concepts for thousands of years. China is a country of great culture and tradition. There are colourful traditional festivals full of masquerades. Traditional chinese food is also one thing many foreigners enjoy among many other attractions like old temples and libraries full of age-old books.

This would ensure that you  create memories and enjoy living while studying in China.

Opportunity to learn the world’s most spoken language

Chinese language Mandarin is the world’s most spoken language, pushing English language to second place in order of the most useful languages.

Medicine school in China teaches in English for foreign students, but you have the opportunity to learn Chinese languages in case they maybe important for your career.

Inexpensive Cost of Study and Living

Life in China is tailored to suit your profile making some of the cities the best for students. Despite the quality education and experience studying in China offers, it is less expensive than studying and living in most other countries.

On the average, students need up to ten thousand dollars annually to fund their study in countries like the United Kingdom. The cost of studying in the US is way more expensive than UK and China’s.

Studying in China costs only about a few hundred dollars a semester or on the maximum, about fifteen hundred dollars annually.

What is the best to study in China?

China is known to have some of the best colleges for medicine, technology and computer science. Here is a list of the best courses to study in China:

Clinical MedicineStudy Clinical Medicine in China

China is renowned for Medical prowess and impactive education in medicine. The medical colleges in China are some of the best colleges to study MBBS in the world. The Clinical Medicine program which lasts six years is taken in about 45 universities of China. 

An optimal figure of ten thousand students are offered admission for Medicine in China yearly on the average.

Computer Science

The Chinese are one of the most advanced in terms of technology as they produce almost everything they use. Advancements in 5G technology comes first from China and Japan, making Chinese universities like Zhejiang University and Shanghai Jiaotong University one of the best places to study Computer science in Asia.

Civil Engineering

China is the biggest construction inclined country in the world with the economy being partly dependent on manufacturing and production sectors.Study Civil Engineering in China

China owns some of the most impressive buildings with different shapes that are so incredible and unbelievable.

Chinese construction companies are also all over the world creating unimaginable structures. This makes China the best place to study Civil Engineering.

Business Administration

China has a very stable and robust economy that is dependent on several factors. The Chinese economy is studied efficiently and is used to explain how businesses and startups can grow efficiently.

Business colleges in China are known to be the best in the world. This is why studying Business administration in China offers big advantages.

Computer Programming

China is very advanced in Computer programming and machine learning, making its universities very efficient for this purpose. Institutions like Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and many others known for being very impressive with IT and software programming are one of the best universities to study computer programming in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below are questions you may have about studying in China and their answers.

Can I study in China for free?

Yes. Students who are awarded all-expense paid scholarships can study and live for free in China. Apart from obtaining your legal documents for traveling, expenses such as visa, accommodation and feeding are covered by these scholarships.

What is the famous school in China?

Tsinghua University is the most famous school in China and can be considered the best university in China.

Tsinghua University in China was ranked number 17th best University in the world in 2019.

Is China good for study?

Yes. China is a good place for study considering that it has some of the world’s best universities and inexpensive cost of living.

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