How To Work Online And Get Paid In Nigeria

How To Work online and get paid 2

How To Work Online And Get Paid In Nigeria – Life has been made very easy as many can work and get paid without leaving their houses. This is what we refer to as working smart and mobile. 

Thanks to the internet there are so many things one can do online to earn income. Today we see a lot of individuals running different jobs and getting paid. In fact, I would say people who work online now earn more compared to the people who are confined to a particular office.

The beauty of working online is that you can be earning around N8000 per day so all you need to do is know what you are interested in and pursue the advance of technology which is your perfect tool.

If you are considering working online and getting paid here are some great online jobs you can take to get more money than you are reading the right article.

How To Work Online And Get Paid In Nigeria

So let us discuss some great ways you can work online and get paid in Nigeria, 

  • Content Writing Jobs

Here is my favourite, if you have writing and research skills then you should consider getting a content writing job. With this job, you can work remotely from anywhere and online. It is one of the most sorted jobs online. As writers can earn up to N10,000 per day.

There are many platforms you can enrol with, Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour and more. You can visit this link to get more writing platforms to get paid. Even if you don’t have writing skills, just get the interest while there are tools that would assist your writing process.

  • Social Media Jobs

Online jobs are becoming the main thing now, people do not necessarily have to leave their homes. Thanks to the internet and social media, there are a lot of media jobs one can take today and get paid.

One can become a brand influencer online, a Marketer, or even social media manager. If you are very good with social media then you should look out for them, there are almost everywhere online. You can get these jobs on Linkedin, Upwork and others.

Also, I would recommend this link to learn how you can become a social media manager.

  • Web Designing Jobs

Web design jobs are very lucrative and pay well. A lot of young people are going into the web designing business. Like every other online job. Web designing does not need you to be physically present at a point all you need to do is get instructions from you the customer and do your thing.

If you have Web Designing skills, then you should be making a good many from it as there are a lot of people who wish to have a website and also get maintenance on them which you can offer. You can get customers from Linkedin, Upwork, Fiverr and many others.

  • Online Tutoring 

Since the inception of Covid, many tutoring platforms are now making waves, in fact, online tutoring is a big one now. you have an option to take it as a part-time job or Full time. The pay is quite cool. 

Also, some platforms allow you to upload your lectures on their platforms while you get paid. You necessarily do not have to make it live.

There are several platforms to work with and get paid.,, Prep Class, Udemy, Skillshare and Teachable all are platforms you can enrol with to get paid.

  • Sales Representatives

Thanks to the covid outbreak a lot of people can now work as online sales representatives, they can work from home. Functions like mailing, chatting with prospective customers, data coalition and many more. one can do it from home instead of going to the office place. 

The beauty of this job is that one can earn more than enough, though might be very tasking at the same time rewarding, there are many online sales representative jobs out there on can take, you can visit Indeed or Linkedin for online sales job.

  • YouTuber

This is an interesting one as it has been stated that people spend more time online than on TV Channels or social media. There is a lot of information on YouTube and people are making money out of these videos that are shared online when monetized.

Though YouTube Job would need you to have enough subscribers and views to get paid by YouTube. The most important part is for you to provide great contents that would attract people or you create videos or manage their page. Here is a link to how you can become a blogger.

Once your page or the page is verified and monetized you could be earning around N500,000 Monthly.

  • Forex And Crypto Currency Trading

Forex and Cryptocurrency trading today is lucrative jo. If you have the skills or knowledge of how cryptocurrency or forex works then you can leverage it. Many young people are making great money on forex or cryptocurrency trading.

You must know of it, and also know when to buy and sell to make a profit. It is a great way to work online all you need is a computer and a platform to register with or you have someone employ you to manage their account while you get paid.

There are other jobs you can take to work online which are also lucrative, they are 

  • Data Entry Jobs

Here you can work online from anywhere all you need is instructions on what to gather and you are good to go, just like data analysis where you analyze data.

Though as a professional data entry personnel there are some programs or tools that would enable you to work perfectly. Data entry jobs are great jobs you can take and may also involve you transcribing data from recorded conversations.

You might earn per hour or monthly, for monthly you could earn around N80,000. You can visit this link for data entry jobs.

Other online Jobs in Nigeria that you can take include; 

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Survey Job
  • Translator Job
  • Online Bank Sales Agent Job

With these Jobs you can always work from where ever you are, all you need is get working internet and computer and you are good to go.


Working online is now the next big thing as many jobs now require you to be online 24/7. This has made it easier to get paid easily even without leaving your house. Many employers do not even know their workers physically as assignments and negotiations can be done online.

There are several jobs you can take to work online without leaving your house and getting paid. These jobs would also require working online. We have been able to make a list of online jobs you can take. If you are looking to consider an additional source of income, you can try the above-mentioned.


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