20 Best Wrestling Schools in USA

Best Wrestling Schools in USA- Wrestling is a sport that has existed since the earliest of times, and has till now remained a loved sport that gains worldwide recognition. From being just fans to taking interest in the sport, many people have gone to become famous wrestlers by attending wrestling colleges.

In USA, there are not so many wrestling colleges that focus on wrestling only. However, there are universities and colleges known for churning out amateur wrestlers every year. Most of the students wrestle and represent the school only, and are not interested in becoming a pro wrestler.

However, interested amateur wrestlers from these colleges can become professional wrestlers. One fact is very established, and it is that becoming a pro wrestler or finding the best wrestling colleges is not easy. It will be so much of a disappointment to attend a wrestling school and find that they teach only the most basic things, when you wish to become a professional.

To get a list of the best wrestling colleges, even for a large country like the United States of America is not an easy task. This article will mention the best wrestling colleges in the USA, and also list alternative wrestling schools in Australia, Canada and other countries.

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Best Wrestling Schools in USA

The list below contains wrestling academies, wrestling schools, and wrestling training clubs in USA that will help you get started with amateur wrestling.

  • Satinos Bros. Wrestling Academy
  • East Coast Pro Wrestling School
  • House of Glory Wrestling School
  • Scorpions Wrestling School
  • The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling
  • Carmel USA Wrestling Club
  • Black and Brave Wrestling Academy
  • House of Glory Wrestling
  • America’s Academy of Pro Wrestling
  • Silverback Wrestling Club
  • Fighting Evolution Wrestling School
  • MWC Wrestling Academy
  • Suples Wrestling School
  • Domination Wrestling School
  • Purler Wrestling Compative Sports Athletic Center
  • New England Pro Wrestling Academy
  • Pinnacle Wrestling School
  • Edge Hoboken Wrestling School
  • Compound Wrestling School- McDonough
  • Battle Arts Wrestling Academy
  • Izzy Style Wrestling School
  • Pure Pro Wrestling School
  • Gering Wrestling Club

Let’s talk about some of the best wrestling schools we have listed above…

Satinos Bros. Wrestling Academy

The Satinos Bros. Wrestling Academy is one of the well known wrestling colleges in USA. The academy is located in Bell Gardens, California and has so much of the required facilities for a wrestling college. There are wrestling shows organized monthly where students in the club can show their skills and get some attention, to get a chance at professional wrestling.

Some of the popular Satinos bros wrestling alumni are Famous B., Rico Dynamite, Damien Arsenick, Thunderkitty, Ray Rosas, Lucha Machine, Mariah Moreno, Seville Alvarez, Sean Black and many others.

There are several wrestling shows organized often by Satinos bros wrestling school, and some of them include the L.A Rumble, Play around Lay around, and many others.

The admission program included occasional adverts on the website, and the last one is dubbed “get in the ring”. The program is for aspiring wrestlers who have no experience in wrestling and are interested in trying professional wrestling. The tagline goes, “Trying and failing is better than not trying at all. What if you succeed?”

How much is the fee at Satinos Wrestling Academy?

The fee for wrestling lessons at Satinos Wrestling Academy is $300 a month. To register at Satinos, you have to be eighteen years of age, and if you are below, your parents consent can still get you into the academy. Aspirants can register in July and October.

Can you wrestle for WWE from Satinos wrestling academy? This is a question that is frequently asked by wrestling aspirants. I will be explaining it in the easiest way possible. No wrestling school can guarantee you a place in the WWE. To get into the WWE, all you need is hard work and consistency (you may have heard it before).

It is not different from trying to be an actor or a footballer. There are great acting schools and football academies, but none of those will guarantee you an entry into the world’s top leagues. Only your performance can determine that. This is the same thing with wrestling colleges.

According to Satinos, to succeed in the best wrestling colleges in USA, you only need to be a fast learner and listen to the instructions of the teachers. It is said that you can get trained in six weeks and become a wrestling star. All you must have include a good set of moves to wow the crowd, good speaking skills, an incredibly good looking finish and nice wrestling gear.

Contact Information

Telephone: +1 323 896 3017

Contact Address: 5640 Shull Street, Bell Gardens, California 90201, United States of America

Email Address:


East Coast Pro Wrestling School

The East Coast Pro Wrestling is known for breeding quality amateur wrestlers, with quality facilities and qualified teaching professionals. This wrestling school is located in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey.

Contact Information

Telephone: +1 973 402 9599

Contact Address: 87 N Berverwyck Road, Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey 07034, United States of America

Email Address:


House of Glory Wrestling School

The House of Glory Wrestling School is considered the top pro wrestling school in New York and is owned by Master P and founded by Amazing Red. This can be considered one of the best wrestling colleges in USA, as they have all the standards of a wrestling club.

The wrestling shows are similar to standard wrestling bouts. The school has several categories of wrestling competitions and is also known as HOG.

The current champion of the House of Glory Wrestling School Heavyweight is Anthony Gangone and the tag team champions are Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe, called the Briscoe brothers. The standard practice at the HOG Wrestling School is what you can only get in the best wrestling colleges in USA.

At the House of Glory Wrestling School, aspirants who are at least age sixteen are allowed to register. Training classes occur twice a week and for beginners, the classes hold at 5PM and two hours later, advanced lessons begin.

To sign up at HOG, you are required to pay a fee of $500 for the first month and then $200 monthly after.
Contact Information

Telephone: +1 347 557 5266

Contact Address: 91-12 144th Pl, Jamaica, New York 11435, United States of America

Email Address:


Scorpions Wrestling School

The Scorpions Wrestling School was established in 1974 and has since then been a model wrestling school for others academies in New Jersey and the United States of America. The Scorpions Wrestling School is known for helping students reach their growth spurt and full potential, not only in wrestling but in life.

This wrestling academy is affiliated with USA Wrestling, the governing body for wrestling. The Junior Elite Program in the Scorpions Wrestling School is for beginners who have feeble or no knowledge of wrestling, while the elite program is for wrestlers who have a minimum of two years experience in wrestling.

To get into the elite class, you must fully understand the basics of wrestling and be able to show some of your skills. There is also the high school program that is made for students or individuals who are around the age of high school, and is woven to help the wrestlers compete in state and national wrestling competitions.

Contact Information

Telephone: +1 973 715 6481, 973 670 9892

Contact Address: 1275 Bloomfield Ave, UT 38-9A Ste 7, Fairfield, New Jersey 07004, United States of America.

Email Address:


New England Pro Wrestling Academy

The New England Pro Wrestling Academy is one of the easiest wrestling colleges to get enrolled. On the website, the services provided are explained in very simple words.

This wrestling college is the “Killer Kowalski School of Pro Wrestling and the Chaotic Training Center.” The New England Pro wrestling school has been a successful wrestling academy, with some of the students being part of the WWE, Ring of Honor and TNA.

The communication among the students is enhanced and the training facilities and coaches are of top quality. There are training lessons for all types of wrestling students in the New Englan Pro Wrestling Academy. The students are also taught ring behavior and microphone skills.

Students at New England Pro Wrestling Academy are taught to work hard through the intense training, making them capable of competing worldwide.

According to the academy, it is easy to recognize a student from the wrestling school due to the attitude and ability that they display. The intense training is just what you may need to become a professional wrestler. Without any doubts, this wrestling school is one of the best wrestling colleges in USA.

Contact Information

Telephone: –

Contact Address: 100 Belmont Street, North Andover, Massachusetts 01845, United States of America

Email Address: –



Wrestling is an art and can be compared to acting or any other type of sports. It is a display of fighting skills combined with great show off, and cannot be self learnt. This article contains a list of the best wrestling colleges in USA. Some of them are quite reputable and are sure to give you your money’s worth.



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