How To Write A Job Application Letter And Samples

How To Write A Job Application Letter And Samples

How To Write A Job Application Letter And Samples-If you are reading this article, it means that you are looking for tips on how to write a job application letter. Well, you are at the right place as this article was written for that purpose.

An application letter is the first thing the employer sees along with your CV and other credentials you attached.

It is very important that you write a sound and easy-to-comprehend application letter that gives the employer reasons why you are the best fit for the job.

Well, writing a job application letter is not difficult as you will just have to follow the tips we will be highlighting in this article and you will easily write a wonderful application for any job.

The application letter can sometimes be used as the cover letter that is submitted with your CV but some employers treat an application letter different from a cover letter.

Writing a good application letter will certainly increase your chances of getting the job as it talks about the skill and experience you have to take up the job.

So without further ado, let’s take to through the tips for writing a job application letter and also show you some examples.


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What Is A Job Application Letter?

A job application letter is a formal document that is sent to a prospective employer showing your interest in a job position.

The application letter is sent with your CV to show all your experience, skills, qualifications and capacity to take the job position.

When You Should Write An Application Letter

Well, there is no right time to write an application letter. It is true that you should write an application letter when you are interested in a job but this is not all you look at before you decide to write an application letter.

Arguably, you can write an application letter when the employer does not solicit your interest in the position which means that it is best to submit your application when there is no job advert or posting.

So if you have a list of top companies that you would love to work for, you don’t need to wait for a job posting to show interest in that job.

You can send your application letter to the companies through email.

With this, you will be able to introduce yourself formally and also show prospective employers that you are interested in working in the company.

Reasons For Writing A Job Application Letter

The major reason for writing a job application letter is to show interest for a job. Well, this is not the only reason as we will be looking at some other reasons.

So if you are searching for a job, here are some reasons you should consider writing an application letter:

  • It could help you access little jobs
  • It serves as a formal introduction about you to the prospective employers.
  • When you send in your application early, you get an upper edge over other applicants that send in their application when the job has been advertised.
  • It helps you to be ahead of other job seekers.

Things To Include When Writing An Application Letter

Your application letter should make the prospective employer eager to meet you so as to find out more about you and looking forward to working with you. Here are some things you should include in your application letter:

·     Personal information

You should give basic details like your name and email address.

·     Educational background

Make sure you provide information about your academic achievements like the institutions you have attended, the courses taken and also the qualifications gained.

·     Work experience

You should list out all your employment history and also describe your main duties and responsibilities in each role, emphasizing those most closely related to the job you are applying for.

·     Competency-Based Questions

You should give specific examples of some of the times you have demonstrated the skills required for the role. Try not to be vague and do not waste time talking about the skills you have that are not relevant.

·     Personal statement

In this section, show why you are the right fit for the job and why picking you for the job will help in the growth of the company or organization.

Do well to sell yourself and demonstrate your passion for the company and job position.

Most application forms will require you to provide details of at least two people who can act as references.

Documents To Include In Application Form

  • You may sometimes be asked to attach a CV and cover letter when submitting the application form.
  • Try to be honest with your application as dishonesty has serious consequences as you could go to jail aside being disqualified from getting the job.

Dos And Don’ts For Writing A Job Application Letter

When writing your job application letter, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do. Some of them are:

·     Apply Early

Applying early will increase your chances of getting the job ahead of other applicants. Apply within 2-3 days of the job posting.

·     Keep it short, simple and sweet

Your application letter should be short and simple. Easy to read and understand. You should write your autobiography in your application letter. 

·     Cross-check for mistakes

Always proofread the content before sending the email. Do well to check if you have attached the correct documents. Make sure you also check for grammatical and spelling errors.

·     Be original

When you are writing your job application letter, don’t not copy and paste. Be original and add a personal touch to the letter. Let the letter reflect you and talk about you.

·     Match up well

Let your job application letter suit the job position you are applying for.

·     Use professional email address

Ensure that you use an email address that sounds and looks professional. if possible, open a new email account that you can use for job-related issues.

·     Share contact details

Make sure you mention your contact details such as mobile number and other contact details at the end of your email address.

How To Write A Job Application Letter

Job Application Letter Template

This template is to show you how you should write your application later. It shows you the format your application letter should take.

  • Your name
    Your address
    Your email address
    Your phone number
  • Date
  • Name of hiring manager or supervisor
    Title of hiring manager or supervisor
    Company name
    Company address
  • Salutation [Dear Mr./Ms.],
  • Outline where you saw the job posting and express your interest in working in this role.
  • Discuss some of your qualifications that would make you a good fit for the job.
  • Describe your past experience in a way that emphasizes your personality and skills, while also showcasing how you align with the goals of the company.
  • Express your appreciation to the hiring manager for reviewing your letter. Include any follow-up information, if applicable.
  • Closing [Sincerely, Best] Your signature
    Your name (printed)

Job Application Letter Example

Use this sample job application letter as a guide to write your own:


How To Write A Job Application Letter And Samples

Final Note

If you are a job seeker, you should try not to put all your eggs in one basket. What this means is that you should try to apply for more jobs because the more jobs you apply for, the more your chances of getting interviews and the more interviews you attend the more your chances of landing a job provided you are fit for the job.

Even if you were not successful in your application, try to know why you were rejected and see how you can improve yourself, skills and qualification so that you can increase your chances of getting a job.

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