Yabacampus.com is giving an opportunity to our readers, bloggers, and professionals to share their expertise and interests with the student community. We are looking for experts and enthusiasts in any school related topic to write for us. We welcome guest post submissions from authors, students and bloggers or experts. Our Module The subject of content should be solely related to events and happenings around the school campus, gists, entertainment and news that appeals to the student community. Join our community of thousands of visitors who are looking to get help with their school related news and explore the opportunity to reach thousands of niche-specific audiences in relevant categories. Have an article idea in mind? Shoot us an email at Admin@bacampus.com Guest Post General Guidelines Your posts should be well-written, original, and should not have been previously published Only student-based articles providing valuable information or tips will be considered. Check the posts before start writing to avoid creating a post on a topic already covered in this site. Post should be written in fluent and communicative English. Proofread and spell-check before sending the post. Be creative and helpful. Word count should be 500 or more. You could provide a short bio and introduce yourself to our readers. You can add one relevant link in your bio. Send 1 related image with your article that would be used as the ‘featured image’ Share your post in your social media profiles once it is published. To sum it up, to write a post with us: Make sure you meet all of Yabacampus Research guidelines and requirements above. Articles should not be less than 500 words. Send an email to Admin@bacampus.com with your article attached in a word document, which includes your name, location, and blog URL (if you have one). We will then review and if it meets our requirement it will be published within a few days due to the long list of guest posts we get, so please be patient. We do not accept posts that have previously been published on other blogs/magazines. You can choose any topic related to the basic theme of this site and expertise in one or more topics you will write, through direct experience, advanced education, or certification is preferred.

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