Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH)

YABATECH Chief Lecturer Accused Of Molestation By Ex-Student

A Chief Lecturer at the Department of Biological Science, Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) (name withheld) has allegedly been accused of molestation by a former female student in his office.

The chief lecturer, who is a PhD holder, the student alleged molested her in his office while she was a student of YABATECH.

The student, Beatrice Fayemi told The Education Report that she couldn’t report the molestation during her studentship because of fear of gang up by other lecturers. She exposed the chief lecturer on her Facebook post which also attracted other female students that were victims and are mobilizing to petition against him.

On September 17, Fayemi wrote on her Facebook. “I have found my voice. This is the face of my sexual abusers. It has taken me four years to speak my truth but I am no longer afraid.  I am ready to fight.  It’s not just me, there is more than me and we are ready.”

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In another post dated September 19, she wrote:  “I was never raped but I was molested by my project supervisor in YABATECH.  When I have a voice, I will go for him. Because I was scared I would be labeled a liar. Because I was scared my result would be withheld and I wouldn’t be allowed to graduate.”

Fayemi told The Education Report that some of her colleagues went through similar experience in the hands of the chief lecturer but kept quiet for fear of been marked out by other lecturers.

She confirmed that the chief lecturer called her on Sunday,  May 24, 2020 to plead with her to drop the case and also to see him in the office but she declined.

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The former student further revealed that the chief lecturer is also using her former colleagues to appeal to her to drop the case in order not to get him sack as well as tarnish his reputation.

“I got a call from a lawyer, who said he is representing the chief lecturer and intimidated me. Some of my course mates called that the lecturer is remorseful and that I should let the case be. I have not reported the molestation to YABATECH management, I will do so soonest. I have also secured the services of a lawyer.

“Some of my course mates are aware of it. He told a lot of my colleagues that I am not serious. After the assault, I started running away from him and he continued to call. A lot of female students suffer same fate and are scared to report. Some don’t want their results to be seized or victimised by other lecturers for reporting their colleague.’’

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After several calls, text messages including WhatsApp, the chief lecturer sent a terse statement, it reads: ‘’I am a man of integrity. It is a fake allegation against my personality. The case is already with my lawyer.’’

When approached for comment, Rector of YABATECH, Obafemi Omokungbe said: ‘’let them petition so that it can be treated officially.’’

Investigations by The Education Report revealed that the issue of sexual harassment is rampart in the college but the cases are not reported for fear of victimisation by other lecturers. Students mostly targeted are fresh National Diploma students and part-time students.

Source: The Sun Nigerian Newspaper

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