Young Lady Breaks 59 Year Record As First Class Student, Wins 11 Scholarships And A Job In US

A young and beautiful dark skinned lady has ‘wowed’ the internet with numerous amazing accomplishments.

This young lady has broken a 59-year record in the history of civil and environmental engineering department and UNILAG as a whole.

According to sources, she is the first female student to bag a first class in the civil and environmental engineering department.

Not just that she came out with first class, she also revealed that she has received ELEVEN scholarships to study outside of the country.

Suprisingly, her list of accomplishments didn’t just end there, she has also come out to say that she has a job awaiting her In the United States Of America.

This young and successful lady is identified as Oluwaseyi Adewumi.

Oluwaseyi Adewumi took to her LinkedIn page to reveal that she has broke a 59-year-old record at the institution after finishing with a 4.84 CGPA.

She went further to reveal that she became the first female student to finish as the best graduating student in civil and environmental engineering and overall best female student in the entire faculty of engineering.

The LinkedIn Post Read;

“Breaking a 59-year record as I emerged as the First Female to graduate as both the Best Graduating Student in Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Overall Best Female in the entire Faculty of Engineering from my department at the University of Lagos remains the humbling moment of my convocation from the University of Lagos”

“Indeed, God has been undeniably good to me as I was able to achieve the following between 2015 – 2021 of my undergraduate studies:

• BSc Civil and Environmental Engineering (First Class Honours) with a CGPA of 4.84

• The Best Graduating Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering

• The Best Graduating Female, Faculty of Engineering

• Earned 11 scholarships and awards

• Co-organized the largest national tertiary design competition, led my department and faculty as an executive and won two National design competitions.

• Immediate resumption at my new job Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

“My sincere gratitude goes out to EVERYONE I met during my 6-year journey. Despite the several hurdles, God strengthened me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pushing and don’t stop trusting God.“

She is such an amazing performance and also a motivation to the young ones out there as well as those who might still be in the higher institution right now.

Here are some reactions she got from the post she made on her LinkedIn page.

Christine wrote: “Congratulations my dear Seyi! What a proud moment. I’m so excited about what’s ahead.“

Oluwatobi wrote: “Congratulations, Seyi. This is indeed a great feat! Wishing you success in your future endeavours“

Taiwo wrote: “Well deserved Champ✨. You are truly one of the best brains I have ever worked with 💯. Best wishes always


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