Youngest person to graduate from sam houston state university, 15 years old Juniel

Youngest person to graduate from sam houston state university

A 15 years old African-American boy identified as Nehemiah Juniel create history as the youngest individual to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University.

Nehemiah is indeed a brilliant young boy whose passion for learning grows every day from the early stage of his life. Juniel started doing pre-algebra when he was 5 years. At age 13, he received his associate of science degree, and here today, he is already set to receive his bachelor’s degree.

Speaking with WLTX, he said “The biggest challenge was staying focused. It was especially difficult when the course material was uninteresting or something I already knew,”

He proceeded his speech by saying

“Around the age of eight years old, I decided I wanted to become a surgeon of some sort,” he said. “As I grew, I continued to change and specify what kind of career I wanted to pursue. This culminated into my decision to study cardiology.”

He plans of taking MCAT coz he wanted to pursue a cardiology career.

As an inspirational speech to other young persons out there, Juniel said “Don’t get discouraged if you run into a few issues or if you fail a couple of times. As long as you keep trying, you will eventually reach your goal,”


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