Your Future Is Wasting – Why Every Nigerian Student Should Be Angry About ASUU Strike

Your Future Is Wasting – Why Every Nigerian Student Should Be Angry About The Unending Strike By The Academic Staff Of Universities (ASUU)

If you’re a Nigerian student that knows the value of education I don’t think you will find the prolonged Asuu strikes funny anymore.

Something has to be done now without delay to salvage the future of our educational system.
I hate to say this but there seems to be a general decline in interest and value for education amongst the youths, and this has played out practically in our lackluster approach to demanding for prompt responses from ASUU and the Federal government.

During the past few weeks, we have gone out in large numbers to protest for various courses and lay out various respectable demands, but never has the need for improved investment on our educational system been brought up by the youths.

There is a saying “Time is money” I’d like to rephrase that quote and say “Time is Life” and time wasted is a life wasted. We are in a system where you can hardly find a graduate from a Nigerian institution who graduated at the exact stipulated duration of years for his course of study;
You find people who go in for 4 year courses spending 5 years plus,
People who go in for 6 year courses spending 7 years plus.

Citing prominently the case of some medical students in a state university here in Nigeria who had spent over 11 years at their institution due to constant strikes, both internal and external and also constant threats by the NUC to revoke their school’s accreditation for medicine.

This brings us to the cross road where we have to decide if we are going to continue this achaic approach.
This is as some will refer “Crunch time” we need to bring to the table our pertinent questions and address them extensively.
Is Asuu really fighting for the betterment of our education or are we just shooting ourselves in the foot.

It’s of course an established fact that the federal government over the years has infact grossly underperformed in their duty to ensuring a safe and sound education environment for students in tertiary institutions,
The poor hostels, lab and lecture facilities speak for themselves.

It’s indeed a pity that in the 21st century a nation like Nigeria still has to embark on long, tardy strikes in order to compel the government to do its job in funding and upgrading facilities and also meeting the welfare of lecturers and non academic staff.

The world is evolving, nations are advancing in science and technology, and the post covid 19 era is going to be one of “the survival of the fittest”, we can not afford to jeopardize the future of our nation by over looking the importance of education in nation building.

The government needs to wake up, ASUU needs to wake up, we the youths and students need to wake up also and demand for our right to better and uninterrupted educational experiences.
Embarking on strikes to compel the government into meeting our demands reminds me of a man shooting himself in the foot in hope that his debtor will feel sympathy and pay up his dept. PATHETIC.

We can do better.

Concerned Nigerian student.

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